A philosophy from The Pressery


How do we measure who we are?

Perhaps, the answer is found between the light and the shade. 

In a world of achievement, success in extreme, wealth in extreme, horror in extreme, beauty in extreme, perhaps it is time to soften the highs and the lows and seek a little more balance in our lives? 

This is not a time to go one way, or another. This is a moment to take a breath, to look around and to find space to know what makes us tick, and our hearts beat. 


Balance is a lifelong pursuit, a rational and level perspective, a view of the world that is worth cultivating and listening to. It is a gentle approach to tumultuous tides. 


We each are writing our own story, building it daily, with all the fabric and experience we gather as we move along on our way. 

The world is now full of conflicting points of view, but strength and conviction built of our own experience and knowledge allows us to see this. 

Feeding the heart, the body, the soul will help us to gather weight, and build within ourselves the strength to stand firm in our own beliefs and values. And give us the ability to see and empathise with those who might think differently. 

Perhaps balance is an impossible goal, never really achieved. But it’s attempt maybe enough. 

We will be sharing our search for balance through this online journal where we hope to offer you intellectual nourishment that is original, expanding and thoughtful. 

We will be seeking perspectives on topics we feel are worth considering, sharing gestures that we find useful and revealing rituals from those who inspire us. 

All with the aim to build a more gentle and balanced approach to living life in these times.