In conversation with... Vanessa Cuccia


We are always encouraged to look after ourselves, and to love ourselves. To treat our bodies well with exercise and good food, and nourish our minds through attending to our wellbeing with meditation and relaxation. We feed our own unique spiritual sides with a practice. This might be a grounded religious faith, or another sort of belief system or a more general appreciation of the power of the world around us and the effect that might have on us. We are used to loving and looking after ourselves this way, and finding ways to feel present.

Vanessa Cuccia has taken on the idea of self love and healing in an all more practical and encompassing way. In 2011 after spending time working as web order fulfillment clerk for a well-known sex toy shop, Vanessa wanted to address the idea of self love and founded Chakrubs, the crystal sex toy company. 

Something I love about Chakrubs is that it is nature, it’s a piece of the earth, and connecting with it and other crystals makes me feel like I am connected to nature.
— Vanessa Cuccia

This is something that at The Pressery, we feel very strongly about. Even within the daily urban grind we want to still feel part of something more natural. Be that physically, how we feed ourselves, or making space to simply feel ourselves.  We were fascinated by the products and the woman behind them and wanted to hear more from Vanessa about what it is that she does to seek and promote a balanced approach to life, and of course sensuality.



The Pressery: Sexuality and spirituality are topics that you don’t often hear spoken of in the same sentence. Why did you feel it was important to bring these two worlds together?

Vanesss Cuccia: These two worlds are deeply connected, and honouring that can help put us on a path of self-awareness and diminish our anxiety as human beings. I tend to prefer the word Sensuality to sexuality, as I feel it encompasses more of what the goal is when working with Chakrubs. To be sensual is to take pleasure in the senses, those things that make us human. Experiencing pleasure through the senses helps us experience gratitude for having been given a body, for life, and that gratitude goes towards that great mystery of why we’re here and puts us in tune with our spirituality.  

TP: At The Pressery we are trying to find ways to help bring a sense of balance into our lives. Are there any personal rituals you have developed to help find balance and calmness in your daily life?

VC: Absolutely. My mornings are pretty much always the same. I wake up and I read from a prayer book I wrote, naming the things I am grateful for and what internal and external elements I’d like to manifest. Lately, since I just received my Reiki Certification, I follow with a meditation to encourage reiki energy to flow. Then, I have warm water with fresh lemon and ginger juice while I tidy up my house or take care of any email clutter. I have my breakfast (no-flour pancakes and black raspberry jam) with some coffee. That is my ritual of the mornings for the past few months, and I feel when I do this I set myself up for a calm and productive day.

You mention you have lived in both a rural and urban settings, are there things you do that help you to connect with the natural world while you’re in a fast paced city like New York?

Oh my. I do hope that I find myself more in nature one day. But I’m actually living on Long Island, so I am really in-between the best of both worlds. Traveling to the city as needed, and making my way to the beach or hiking trails when it’s warm enough. Something I love about Chakrubs is that it is nature, it’s a piece of the earth, and connecting with it and other crystals makes me feel like I am connected to nature.  

You describe your relationship with Chakrubs as a practice. We think this is a really interesting idea. Can you elaborate on this? How does the practice with Chakrubs fit into your broader spiritual practice?

Upon receiving the package, the customer is given a wax-sealed envelope with a love letter initiating them on this path of self-realisation, and steps to take in order to get the most out of their time spent with their Chakrub. Because we invite people to not only use Chakrubs to ‘get-off’ but to turn on and turn inward, we call it a session, ritual or practice. This includes energetically cleansing the Chakrub in the moonlight, meditating with it over the heart center, creating intentions, self-pleasure, and journaling.

We have heard you mention your interest in the scientific side of spirituality, are there any examples you can share with us that really inspire both your spiritual and more practically minded self?

One of my favourite scientific experiments is Dr. Emoto’s Water Experiment. If you aren’t familiar, it involved photographing the molecular structure of water with positive and negatively charged words. The water that was treated with positive emotion formed beautiful patterns, while the negative did not. To me, this speaks to the power of setting intention and the health benefits of higher vibrational frequencies.

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself when you were younger, what would you say?

I would tell myself to follow what puts me in a state of “flow” and not to worry about what other people think.

You can find out more about Vanessa Cuccia and her incredible products here.